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among us mod menu


Intro : Among Us Mod Menu

Among Us Mod Menu is a fantastic game to play with your friends. Among us is a superb werewolf or murder mystery type of game.

Communication is a very important part of the game which makes it fun. It also includes a kinda problem solving sort of aspect to it. The Initial release of the game was in 2018 by American game studio InnerSloth. Since then Among Us was getting its popularity day by day and now it is one of the most downloaded game for the year 2020. Among us mod menu takes place in a space-themed setting

You can play Among us mod menu on online or over local WiFi network with 4-10 players as you try to prep your spaceship for departure, but you need to keep in mind that one of the player will be an impostor bent on killing everyone! And among us mod apk never gets old, because you will be playing with real players.

Among us mod highlights

Supports - Upto 10 players once
Downloads - 9877
Last Update - 02/01/2021
License - Free
OS - Android and IOS
Requires - Android 4.4 or higher
Size - 59mb
Mod Version - 2020.9.9
Type - Online action game


among us mod menu


Download Among Us Mod Menu/APK

Wait is over, Download now!

Among Us Mod
V 2020.9.9


How to install Among Us Mod

1. Please uninstall the original game and delete all related files.
2. Download the latest version of among us mod from above link.
3. Now you can safely install the mod on your device and enjoy !


Features : Among Us Mod Apk

There are some really cool features on Among us mod menu apk which make the game super fun. Among us mod is clearly one of the best games ever. At the beginning, the controls were quite difficult but after you get used to it, you will begin to enjoy The game ! The main reason is It's not like those "Find the murderer and survive or kill the killer" Type of game.
Among us mod menu pc is very unique. It has its own mechanics and unique way on how they portray the Murder Mystery games. Also, the setting of among us mod is very nice. Advanced technology with a murderer on the Space-ship? Now that's new! You can take a look into below features of Among us mod menu...

  • No advertisements
  • Can see chat always
  • Hats unblocked
  • Pets unblocked
  • Unlocked skins
  • Change everyone’s name
  • Close doors
  • Fulfil tasks
  • Random pets
  • Skins Random
  • Quick Win (enable before beginning)
  • End of the game (team wins)
  • End of the game (imposters win)
  • Always Impostor
  • Speed Hack
  • Vote any player out
  • Repair Sabotage
  • Sabotage lights
  • Spam Chat
  • View ghosts chat
  • Completed tasks
  • Torch distance
  • Unlimited emergency meetings
  • End of voting
  • No Kill Cooldown

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Screenshots of Among us mod menu


among us mod apk


among us mod pc


among us mod menu



Well You can simply download Among Us Mod to have all skins, hats and pets. You can download it from our website very easily.
There are many reasons for this sudden popularitywhich has gained by Among Us but mainly It has received an influx of popularity in early 2020 due to many well-famous Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing it.
In the current version of among us mod there's no voice chat.

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